Working Groups

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Formulation of Working Groups

The process for establishing and running a working group was developed at the 2007 Developer's Workshop. The essence of the process is that a small group is formed to work on a problem and agrees to reach a conclusion within a short time frame. See Formulation of Working Groups for more information about the process.

The Working Group Executive

Working groups can be proposed by anyone but must be chartered within the OPeNDAP community by the executive. The Working Group Executive is nominated by the community and appointed by the OPeNDAP advisory board. There is a nominal term limit for membership is 2 years. Members may serve more than one term (with advisory board approval). The executive makes recommendations on how to take working group outcomes to standards processes and other relevant organizations for broader community comment, adoption, etc.

The current Working Group Executive members are:

The executive can be reached collectively at owg-executive at opendap dot org.

The OPeNDAP Working Group Terms of Reference Describe how the Executive will make decisions about the working groups.

Active Working Groups

Possible Working Groups

Add topics for possible working groups here.

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