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Authentication Working Group


When it is necessary to restrict access to OPeNDAP datasets, the server must challenge the user to authenticate, and process the request (or not) based on whether the user is authorized to access the dataset. Unless there is a specified standard, it is possible that the various servers and clients may not be able to interoperate.

Statement of Work

This working group will propose a standard on how OPeNDAP servers and clients authenticate. The standard will allow any conformant OPeNDAP server and client to interoperate. It will specify the interaction between client and server, not the implementation. However, it may also provide a "best practices" or "experience to date" document to guide implementation.


  1. John Caron
  2. Patrick West
  3. Nathan Potter
  4. Bryan Lawrence
  5. Jerry Pan (
  6. Luca Cinquini
  7. Frank Siebenlist
  8. Rob De Almeida


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