Google Summer of Code 2010 Ideas

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OPeNDAP Google Summer of Code 2010

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OPeNDAP would like to welcome all the SoC students for the 2010 iteration of the SoC program! On this page you'll find information about project ideas we have along with information to help you apply to work on our software. The projects range from web site implementation to complex problems in data systems. Several of the projects listed are focused on adding new features to our data server. However, we also have a set of client tools and GUI-based applications that would provide an ample basis for summer projects. If you don't see anything below in the #Ideas section don't let that stop you from starting a conversation with one of the mentors listed below (#Mentors) because you may have an idea, talent or skill that is the spark of a great project. Don't hesitate to email us!

We would like to stress that while the ideas included here can be the basis of your project, you can also propose something completely different - maybe you've used our software and wish it included a particular feature.

Before submitting an application to GSoC with OPeNDAP as your mentoring organization, make sure you read our GSoC FAQ, which provides some pointers on how to write a successful application.

Once you are ready to submit an application, remember that you must do so before April 9th through the GSoC webapp. A more complete timeline is available for the whole project period.



  • James Gallagher (jgallagher at The Hyrax data server, Matlab and IDL clients, C, C++, Java
  • Patrick West (westp at The Hyrax data server, C, C++, Java, Apache Modules, Semantic Web, OWL (Web Ontology Language), RDFS, some Java
  • Nathan Potter (ndp at The Hyrax data server, OLFS, Java-OPeNDAP, Java
  • Rikki McQueary (rmcqueary at The IDL client, OC library, C
  • Michael Johnson (m.johnson at The Hyrax data server, NcML Module for Hyrax, C++, C