Hyrax Development

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We are in the process of moving pages from our Trac Wiki on Hyrax to the is wiki. More Soon. Until then, here's where a good bit of the Hyrax design docs are living: Hyrax Design Documentation

1 Background Information

2 Features & Projects

These are projects currently in their initial stages.

3 Projects that are now Released

These might not be all complete, but all have passed through the initial planning and implementation stages and are at a stage where we are adding new capabilities to them or are 'in maintenance.'

In Hyrax 1.7:

In Hyrax 1.6:

In Hyrax 1.5:

4 Releases

  • Hyrax 1.5 New feature freeze on 1 Jan 2009; Beta release on 26 Jan 2009; Second beta release 23 Feb 2009; Final release 6 April 2009