Hyrax Development

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We are in the process of moving pages from our Trac Wiki on Hyrax to the is wiki. More Soon. Until then, here's where a good bit of the Hyrax design docs are living: Hyrax Design Documentation

Background Information

Features & Projects

These are projects currently in their initial stages.

Projects that are now Released

These might not be all complete, but all have passed through the initial planning and implementation stages and are at a stage where we are adding new capabilities to them or are 'in maintenance.'

In Hyrax 1.7:

In Hyrax 1.6:

In Hyrax 1.5:


  • Hyrax 1.5 New feature freeze on 1 Jan 2009; Beta release on 26 Jan 2009; Second beta release 23 Feb 2009; Final release 6 April 2009