Include files for libdap

From OPeNDAP Documentation

Guidelines for including headers

In our code that uses libdap, we should make sure to prefix the libdap headers that are included with


like this:

   #include <libdap/BaseType>

This is because some of the names used by the libdap headers are also used by C++ or the STL or are close enough to those names to cause problems with various software development tools.

It's best to use double quotes for headers from within a project and angle brackets for those from outside the project. So, use angle brackets with libdap headers in the BES code; use double quotes for BES headers in the BES code.

Group headers like this:

  • First include "config.h"
  • Then system headers
  • Then C/C++ library headers
  • Then libraries (like libdap)
  • Then BES headers

Never include


in a header that will be installed (which is essentially every header).

Minimise headers included in other headers.

Never put

using namespace xxx

in a header - it's a great way to cut down on the wordiness of an implementation (.cc) but in a header it will introduce that using statement to all of the code that directly or indirectly includes the header.