Australian BOM System Administrator's Agenda and Presentations

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System Administrator's Workshop

Monday 15 October to Tuesday 16 October

This workshop targets the system administrator whose task is to setup a data service for interactive users, batch processes, and high level web services, that will access netcdf, hdf, or freeform data in a file system or SQL data in a database. The workshop will provide them with the information they need to install and configure Hyrax along with some background on available clients so they can test their servers and give basic advice to users.

Agenda and Presentations

9:00am Monday - Start of System Administrator's workshop Overview of OPeNDAP server and client technology

10:00 am Monday - break around 10:30am Architecture and Design of Hyrax (system admin point of view) Installation of Hyrax

12:30pm Monday - Lunch

1:30pm Monday Hands-on to installation and setup of Hyrax

2:30pm Monday Testing the server installation

3:00pm Monday Commonly used clients and their different characteristics

4:00pm Monday Use-Case for operational services (10 min. presentation on Tuesday)

5:00pm Monday - Retire until Tuesday morning at 9:00am

Workshop dinner

9:00am Tuesday - start of 2nd day of workshop
Presentations of Use-Case for operational services [not yet complete]

10:30am Tuesday Configuration of the data handlers

12:30pm Tuesday - Lunch

1:30pm Tuesday Installation Advanced issues

2:00pm Tuesday Use-Case presentations [not yet complete]

3:00pm Tuesday Other services hosted within Hyrax Future Development Plans

4:00pm Tuesday Hands-on advanced topics and issues

5:00pm Tuesday - End of System Administrator's Workshop

All attendees are asked to bring a PC laptop and will be given a Linux virtual machine. If people want to use a Mac, they will have to be able to 'roll with the punches' when it comes to building code in that environment.

We will provide attendees with a binder for the lecture and hands-on info.

More information about the OPeNDAP workshops is available here.