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From OPeNDAP Documentation


   The Data Access Protocol, version 2, was originally developed for the DODS project, then used by NVODS. In 2000 the principals from the DODS project formed OPeNDAP, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, tocontinue the development of the protocol and the associated software. 
   The request comes via http. The DAP2 server is, in reality, an ordinary http server, equipped with a set of CGI programs to process requests from DAP2 clients. See Section  and The OPeNDAP User Guide for more information. 
   A serial date, with a year and the day of the year, expressed in an ordinal number from 1 to 365 or 366. 
   There is a Solaris utility called newform, supplied with the operating system. If you use a Solaris machine, you may want to change the name of the FreeForm ND tool to newfor or something similar, to avoid name collisions.