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Getting the OPeNDAP Software

Get the software from \DODShome . If you can, it is usually advisable to download the pre-compiled binaries. If you do so, be sure to follow the directions that acompany the distributions, even if you're upgrading a server, since the places where the server's components are installed can change as the software evolves. Installation instructions for the binary distributions can be found on the web pages where you downloadded the software.

If you can't use the pre-compiled binaries, download the source code from the \DODShome . You will need a few different files, depending onthe handler(s) you want to install. The "Download Software" page has instructions specifying which files to use. If you are building the software yourself, be sure to read the README, INSTALL and NEWS files included in the distributions.

You will need to download the dap-server `base' software and one or more handlers. The base software and each handler each is contained in a single tar.gz or source rpm file. To build the source files, expand them, run the enclosed configure script, run make and then make install. Once the software is installed, see the configuration instructions in ( dods-server,install).