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1 Constructing the URL

After a dataset has been installed, and the handler programs installed, you need to know what its address is. If you've tested the web server installation as in ( Chapter2), you know the beginning of the URLs that will point to data at your site.

(If you're using the DRDS Java server, see ( Section 4.3.3).)

Suppose your web server's document root is at:


And you are serving netCDF data that you've stored at:


Following the test URL in ( Chapter2), this would be the URL to use in a client.


Note that this URL will work for a DAP client, but not for a standard web browser. If you want to use a standard web browser to test your installation, read on, and also take a look at The OPeNDAP QuickStart Guide . See note

1.1 Constructing a OPeNDAP/JGOFS URL

Suppose that you have installed the OPeNDAP/JGOFS handler, as described above, on the machine And a partial listing of the the data objects dictionary contained the following definitions:


A URL that references the data object 's87_xbt' would look like: