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1 Preface

This document describes the various data standards that may be used by the \DODS (DODS) data providers to facilitate the interoperability of DODS datasets. These standards are not essential to the operation of the DODS software, but are only meant as a guide to those providers for whom interoperability is an important consideration.

This document is relevant to version \DODSversion and later of DODS.

1.1 Who is this Guide for?

This guide is designed to address the concerns of scientists and others who wish to use DODS to make their data available to one, two, or zillions of other scientists (and other others). Making data available using DODS is usually only half of the battle. It is often the case that for data to be actually useful to others, it must conform to certain data standards expected by other users or other users' software. This manual documents standards used and recommended (not required) by the DODS group.

This guide assumes a basic familiarity with the DODS software package. Refer to the \DODSuser for an overview of the package.

1.2 Organization of this Document

Chapter 1 

provides an overview of the need for standards.

Chapter 2 

describes one set of optional (and evolving) DODS data standards.

Chapter 3 

shows an example: Making a simple dataset DODS compliant.


contains a list of the data variable names currently incorporated into the DODS meta-data standard.