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16 August 2023

  • curprev 14:5714:57, 16 August 2023Jimg talk contribs 1,446 bytes +1,446 Created page with "That is: I have two string objects:string str_1, str_2. I want to concatenate to them. I can use two methods: method 1: <pre> std::stringstream ss; //std::string str_1("hello"); //std::string str_2("world"); ss << "hello"<< "world"; const std::string dst_str = std::move(ss.str()); </pre> method 2: <pre> std::string str_1("hello"); std::string str_2("world"); const std::string dst_str = str_1 + str_2; </pre> Because the string's buffer is read only, when you chan..."