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old compression text 4 May 2007:

When the BES is asked to serve a file that has been compressed, it first must decompress it and hten pass it to the correct data handler (except for those formats which support 'internal' compression such as HDF4). The BES.CacheDir parameter tells the BES where to store the uncompressed file. Note that the default value of /tmp is probably less safe than a directory that's only used by the BES for just this purpose. You might set this to <prefix>/var/bes/cache, for example.

The BES.CacheDir.MaxSize determines the size of the cache. When the size of the files exceeds this value (the units are megabytes), then the oldest file(s) are deleted until the size is less than MaxSize.

BES.Compressed.Extensions is a list (elements separated by semicolons) of regular expressions used to identify compressed files. if this parameter is not set the BES assumes that files ending in .gz, .Z or .bz2 are compressed.

The BES.Compressed.Script parameter points to a script that will be used to decompress the files. This script must match the different file extensions to the correct program. The default handles gzip, compress and bzip2.

# BES.Compressed.Extensions=