Talk:DAP4: Asynchronous Request-Response Proposal v3

From OPeNDAP Documentation

We need to add That the pending and gone responses are optional - a server might return 404 instead.

Maybe these responses are BS?

Some of these URLs will be the same in both cases - that is the thing asked for initially and the thing referenced by the initial response will be the same.

The second URL must be made with the async assertion on. But the second URL should also be opaque to the client. Thus the server MUST include the async assertion in the second URL.

Be clearer the response codes and the response documents - eg the 409 'Conflict' response code is used with the Gone and Pending response documents.

another issue: what if the client utilizes both the HTTP header and the CE mechanism to indocate it's willingness to accept async? No big deal... Unless the client specifies different values for each term. Which one takes precedence? (James seez URL)