OPeNDAP Developer's Workshop, Winter 2007

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Wednesday February 21, 2007

Session 1

0900-1000 OPeNDAP Current Status

1000-1015 Break

Session 2 (moderator: P. Fox)

1015-1200 The OPeNDAP 4 Data Server (aka Hyrax)

Lunch 1215-1330

Session 3 (moderator: P. Cornillon)

1330-1530 Security

1530-1545 Break

Session 4 (moderator: J. Gallagher)

1545-1730 Semantics


No-host dinner, Cafe Gondolier

Thursday February 22, 2007

Session 5 (moderator: D. Holloway)

0900-1030 APIs and Clients

1030-1100 Break

Session 5 continued

1100-1215 APIs and Clients (continued)

Lunch 1215-1315

Session 6 (moderator: P. Cornillon)

1315-1445 Data Providers

Session 7 (moderator: N. Potter)

1445-1715 Server-Side Operations with 1530-1600 Break


Dinner on your own

Friday February 23, 2007

Session 9 (moderator: P. Fox)

0900-0930 Server-side functions (continued)

0930-1200 Strategies and Directions

  • community forums for deciding on standards processes within (and beyond) the OPeNDAP community, who is involved, timeframe, prototypes, etc. (1hr)
  • security (20min)
  • semantics (profiles, vocabularies) (20min)
  • server-side (aggregation) (20min)
  • response types (e.g. get_capabilities) (20min)
  • metrics (10min)
  • others: gateways, Server4, TDS and other general direction issues


Hyrax Tutorial (FL2/1001)