OPeNDAP's Use of Trac

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This page describes how to use the Trac system for projects run by OPeNDAP. Add to this as we learn more about Trac.


  • Change the Status of a ticket from 'new' to 'accepted' when you start to work on the ticket. It's fine to start work on a ticket, drop it and come back to it later. We can use the set of tickets marked 'accepted' to get a handle on which problems are being actively pursued.
  • There's currently no way to relate one ticket to another (you could with Bugzilla using the 'depends on' field). However, you can edit the original description of the ticket at any time and include and you can include hyper links to other bug reports using #<<number>> anywhere that wiki text is allowed.


  • For small projects, use a single Milestone to define the project. Break down the project into a collection of tickets that are in the 'Task' category and assign them to the milestone. If new tasks are added (when are they not...), be sure to mark them as part of this milestone. This will make the Roadmap display accurately mirror the real status of the project.
  • Instead of making the milestone text a list of items (which is what I started out doing), make the text a short paragraph describing the milestone's overall objective. Then create a set of tickets with Category set to Task to describe the things that you think will need to be done to accomplish the milestone.
  • For larger projects, use several milestones.


  • Don't use the Trac wiki; having two active wikis is confusing.