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A service is a grouping of commands that are provided by a module and can be handled by other modules, like data handlers. For example, OPeNDAP provides the dap service with the commands das, dds, ddx, and dods. These commands can be handled by the different data handlers that can serve up OPeNDAP responses for these commands. The format for each of these commands is dap2.

Services can be added to the BES in addition to the dap service. For example, the CEDAR project adds the service cedar with the commands flat, tab, info, and stream, each of those commands with the format cedar.

You can also add commands to a service. For example, the dap-server modules add the three commands ascii, info_page, and html_form to the dap service because they use the base services provided by the dap service. In other words, the ascii response, for example, takes a data response and converts it to ascii.

And, you can add formats to the different commands. For example, the fileout_netcdf module can take a data response dods and return it as a netcdf file. So it adds the format netcdf to the dods command of the dap service.

To add a service to the BES you register the service, each command and the format of the command, with the BESServiceRegistry class. This is done in the initialize method of your BESModule class.