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The NC-DAP project: Integration of the DAP into the netCDF library (Two-year effort to integrate DAP access into Unidata's netCDF library).

1 Meetings, milestones, etc

1.1 Milestones from the kickoff meeting

1.2 NC-DAP Project Meeting 3 June 2008

1.3 NC-DAP Project Meeting 8 Jan 2009

2 Software Project Documents

2.1 Explicit API for Ocapi

This will be developed to provide a more usable interface to the Ocapi

2.2 DAP3/4 extensions

This page contains information about the on-going development of DAP and there are parts that explicitly relate to the needs of the NC-DAP project

2.3 DAP 4.0 Design

This page contains information about the DAP 4.0 Design and less about the discussions that preceded it

2.4 Character Arrays in the netCDF 3 handler for Hyrax

How should we address the 'char array' problem in the netCDF 3 handler?

2.5 OC Library Features and Analysis

Can we substitute the 'oc' library for the Ocapi?