IOOS Gateway

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Changes to the DAP, Hyrax, or other proposals stemming from the IOOS Gateway Project.

Much of the IOOS gateway work is focused on:

  1. Providing DAP2 protocol access to WCS served data.
  2. Providing WCS access to data served by OPeNDAP servers.

DAP2 access to data served by WCS

DAP2.1 Namespace

There have been some proposed changes to the DAP2 namespace (for the DDX) to hep accommodate this work.

WCS Server (to provide WCS access to data served via DAP2)

A WCS server must support three basic operations, GetCapabilities, DescribeCoverage, and GetCoverage. All of the currently existing specifications for WCS (1.0.x, 1.0+, 1.1.x, ad there is probably a 1.2.x I am not yet privy to) define a KVP encoded (a URL to be used in an HTTP GET transaction) request API and a SOAP API. Both API's provide the same three interfaces.