Hyrax - Starting and stopping the BES

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Now, you've built the new module and you've made any changes you want to make to the configuration file, so now you are ready to start the server.

When you installed the BES a BES configuration file was provided for you in the installation directories etc/bes directory called bes.conf. So, if you installed the bes in the default location, there will be a file /usr/local/etc/bes/bes.conf file. You can use this file, or you can copy this file and create a new one. If you create a new one, either set the environment variable BES_CONF to point to this new configuration file or use the -c option to besctl. This way, you can create different configurations and just point this environment variable to the one you want to use. If using csh:

% setenv BES_CONF /full/path/to/bes.conf

Or, if using sh or ksh:

% BES_CONF=/full/path/to/bes.conf
% export BES_CONF

Or use the -c option to besctl -c <new_configuration_file>

And now, to run the new server simply type:

% besctl start

This should start the server, and you should now be ready to connect to it with the command line client. If you want to see some debug information while running the server daemon then then you can use the -d option, specifying either cerr or the name of a file to dump debug information to. If you specify cerr then debug information will be dumped to standard err:

% besctl start -d "cerr|<file_name>,all"

If you are having problems with your installation, or problems retrieving information from the server, we may need for you to run the server with the debug flag turned on, along with verbose logging information that can be turned on in the configuration file. The first parameter in the debug option (cerr) can be either cerr to dump the debug information to standard error, or the name of a file that debug information will be written to. The next parameters are a comma separated list of debugging context. by specifying 'all' you are wanting debug information from all components.

And if you want to specify a different configuration file:

% besctl start -c /path/to/configuration/file/my_bes.conf

To stop the BES simply type:

% besctl stop

This will send a signal to shut down the BES.