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1 Release 1.1 March 15, 2007

First full public Release

2 Release beta-1.0.2 January 02, 2007

2nd beta release. As of this release the name is changed from Server4 to Hyrax.

This release features:

  • Bug fixes for tickets 767, 784, 789, and 793.
  • Partial logging implementation (Ticket 785)
  • Improved documentation regarding shared libraries. (Ticket 780)
  • The BES and and the data handlers come with test data and will work and serve data immediately after an install using the default configuration. (Ticket 764)

3 Release beta-1.4 - January 02, 2007

1st beta release.

This release adds support for:

  • HTTP/1.1 persistent connections
  • Improved OPeNDAP directory response.
  • Prototype SOAP Interface.
  • Server UUID on top level directory for improved web searchability
  • Persistent content (configurations, user supplied documents/web pages, etc.)
  • Improved internal efficency via BES client connection pooling.

4 Release 1.3 - September 26, 2006

This was an internal release.

This release adds support for:

  • HTTP/1.1 caching - Support for conditional GET using If-Modified-Since and If-Unmodified-Since headers.
  • Persistent Configurations - Now local configurations will not be destroyed when installing new versions of the software. Configurations are stored in the $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap directory.
  • Advanced THREDDS catalogs - These require thoughtful modification of the catalog.xml file located in the persistent content/configuration directory.

5 Release 1.2 - February 24, 2006

This was an internal release.

This release adds simple THREDDS catalogs to the server. No special configuration is required, simply add /catalog.xml to the end of a URL that references a "collection" of data sets and a THREDDS catalog will be returned.

6 Release 1.1 - February 17, 2006

This was an internal release.

Represents the first prototype release of Hyrax. It implements the feature set for releases 1.0 and 1.1, along with a smattering of features due in coming releases. In particular prototype implementations exist for F-23 and F-24 from release 1.2. At the time of this writing the intended feature set is still growing.

7 Release 1.0 - January 15, 2006

This was an internal release.