Hyrax - Installing on Mac

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The BES will be installed in the /usr directory on your Mac. This will require root access.

After downloading the .dmg for either an Intel Mac or PPC Mac, double click on the .dmg file. A new disk will be opened on your desktop that looks something like this:

Hyrax 1 1 BES Disk image.jpg

Double click on the disk image on the left. This will open up a Finder window that contains the bes-3.4.1 package file (.pkg).

Hyrax 1 1 BES Package image.jpg

Double click on the package file. This will begin the installation process for the BES by opening up the installer.

Hyrax 1 1 BES Installer image.jpg

Click continue...

Hyrax 1 1 BES Installer2 image.jpg

Make sure to select the disk where you want to install the BES, usually the Macintosh HD. Then click Continue...

Hyrax 1 1 BES Installer3 image.jpg

Click on the Install button. Since this requires root access, if you are not logged in as root, you should see an Authenticate dialog box pop up asking for the root Name and Password, something like this...

Hyrax 1 1 BES Installer4 image.jpg

Type in your root username and password and click on OK. If all went well, then you should see this window...

Hyrax 1 1 BES Installer5 image.jpg

Click on the close button. Now, the BES should be installed in your /usr directory. To make sure, you should see the file /usr/bin/besctl.