Hyrax - Configuring The OLFS To Work With Multiple BES's

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Configuring Hyrax to use multiple BES backends is straight forward. It will require that you edit the olfs.xml file and possible the catalog.xml file.

1 Top Level BES

Every installation of Hyrax requires a top level (or root level) BES.** This BES has a prefix of "/" (the forward slash character).

In a single BES deployment this BES would contain all of the data resources to be made visible in Hyrax. In the THREDDS catalog.xml file each top level directory/collection would have it's own <datasetScan> element.

**Note: The word root here has absolutely nothing to do with the login account called root associated with the super user or system administrator.

2 Mount points

In a multiple BES installation each additional BES must have a mount point within the exposed hierarchy of collections for it to be visible in Hyrax. Eh? What's that you said? Allow me to explain by example.

2.1 Simple

Here is the <BESConfig> section of an olfs.xml file:

            <ClientPool maximum="10" />
            <ClientPool maximum="10" />

2.2 Complex

Using multiple BES's requires you to think about the concept of mount points

3 olfs.xml for multiple BES installations

4 Examples

4.1 Simple

4.2 Complex