Hyrax - Configuring The OLFS To Work With Multiple BES's

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Configuring Hyrax to use multiple BES backends is straight forward. It will require that you edit the olfs.xml file and possible the catalog.xml file.

1 Top Level BES

Every installation of Hyrax requires a top level (or root level) BES.** This BES has a prefix of "/" (the forward slash character).

In a single BES deployment this BES would contain all of the data resources to be made visible in Hyrax. In the THREDDS catalog.xml file each toplevel directory/collection would have it's own <datasetScan> element.

In a multiple BES installation each additional BES must have a mount point wiithin the exposed hierarchy of collections for it to be visible in Hyrax. (See

**Note: The word root here has absolutely nothing to do with the login account called root associated with the super user or system administrator.

2 Mount points

Using multiple BES's requires you to think about the concept of mount points

3 olfs.xml for multiple BES installations

Simple Example: