Hyrax - BES Installation

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The BES comes with a default configuration that is compatible with the default configuration of the OLFS. If you do a default install of each one you should get a running Hyrax server that will be pre-populated with test data suitable for running the integrity tests.

1 Download

If you haven't already got it, go get the latest BES distribution from here.

2 Install

General installation tip: Since you're running the BES as part of Hyrax, there's no need to take advantage of the ability to communicate directly with the BES, except possibly for diagnosing certain installation problems. Once you have the BES installed, you should seriously consider closing access to the port on which it listens. This is easy to do by simply configuring your firewall to block access to the port (port 10002 by default, see your bes.conf file). We will be releasing a version of the BES soon which installs by default listening only on a local socket, providing the same level of security as is possible with the firewall but not requiring that extra bit of configuration.

@TODO: How to install the BES and handlers This description should be based on how to do it from a binary distribution - RPM, DMG, etc.

2.1 Installing from RPMs

Get the RPMs from the Hyrax distribution page. You will the full complement of RPMs, which include libdap, bes, dap-server, and probably some of the data handlers. You can install them with the command

sudo rpm -Uvh <list the RPMs>

Once you have installed the individual handler packages, you can install sample data and configure the Back End Server (BES) componenet of Hyrax for those handlers using scripts provided in the handler's rpm packages. These scripts are all named bes-<handler>-data.sh and are installed in the bin directory so you should be able to run them at any command line prompt. For example, bes-nc-data.sh will add netcdf_handler configuration to the BES configuration file.

Here's a list of the RPM packages you'll need for typical Hyrax installation.

  1. libdap: The DAP implementation used by the handlers
  2. bes: The BES component of Hyrax
  3. OLFS: This is the Java Servlet fron end component of Hyrax
  4. dap-server: These handlers provide basic services for Hyrax

And at least one data handler

  1. netcdf_handler: A handler for netCDF 2.x and 3.x files
  2. hdf4_handler: A handler for HDF4 files, including HDF-EOS stored in HDF4
  3. freeform_handler: A handler for text and binary files where you can tell the handler how those files are formatted
  4. Other handlers...

3 BES Configuration

You will need to configure the BES next, pointing the BES to your data and setting up some other options.

4 Starting and stopping the BES

Once you have the BES installed and configured you will want to start it.

5 Testing the BES with the command line client

Let's make sure your installation and configuration are working properly.