Hyrax - Administrators Interface

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1 Overview

2 Installation & Configuration

2.1 BES

2.2 OLFS

The HAI is a regular part of the OLFS distribution and simply needs to be enabled by configuring the OLFS communicate with the different BESs, and Tomcat to allow you to access the UI.

2.2.1 olfs.xml

In the olfs.xml file you will need to add (or uncomment) the following for each BES:


You will need to manually verify that the value of the adminPort element is the same as the BES.DaemonPort parameter specified in the bes.conf file for that BES instance.

2.2.2 Tomcat Users

2.2.3 Tomcat SSL

3 OLFS Log Viewer

4 BES Log Viewer

5 BES Controls