How to Make a Release

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This is an updated set of notes regarding a software release. It is tailored to a release of Hyrax, but the same process can be used for any of our code.

  1. look for any tickets that have been bound to the label 'fix release x.y.z' and make sure those are completed.
  2. Using the Kanban board, when we are ready to release, follow the process outlined below.
  3. Once done, close the board

Old process overview

To plan a sprint there are two basic sets of tasks: cleaning up the left over bugs that have accumulated during the past sprints and then working on a set of predictable tasks. This page lists those predictable tasks and some notes about the various releases. In the burndown chart built by Jira, there is a Time Spent column that tells how long each of the various tasks really took. While it's impossible to predict how long some of the stuff will take, previous performance is the best tool we've got, as they say...

Set Tasks for a Release

The tasks identified for Hyrax 1.12.2 and the time it took to complete them:

Verify CI build and fix as needed
Security Review libdap & bes
Security review OLFS
Source release libdap
Source release BES
3h 30m
Build OLFS release bundles
Build RPMs for release
3h 30m
Software packages on website
Update Hyrax release pages on website
Install new sever on
Total time for these tasks used during Hyrax 1.12.2

We did 9 other tasks too during the hyrax 1.12.2 release. The total time was planned as 3w 1d 5h and turned out as 1w 2d 2h 10m.