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This is OPeNDAP's new Wiki-based documentation site. We're just getting started and will have a slew of documents ported over shortly.

We invite contributions from the community! If you would like an account to contribute to this site, please email OPeNDAP User Support.


User and Project documentation, Information about past meetings and links to technical documentation can all be found in this section.

Working Groups

The section for working group activities.


OPeNDAP Developer's Workshop 2007

OPeNDAP Workshops at APAC and the Australian BOM, Oct. 2007.

Current Development

Hyrax Development

IOOS Gateway




REAP Cataloging and Searching

Project Ideas

Image Service

Hyrax Admin Interface


Completed Projects

NetCDF Translation



To use the templates, you include the template using MediaWiki's {{ ... }} syntax. In a normal template substitution, the mediawiki rendering engine goes and gets the template text every time the page is rendered. If, however, the template name is preceded with subst: then the mediawiki markup is copied to the destination page and can be edited without affecting, or being affected by, the original template code. See http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User_Guide/Templates and http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Templates

To include the markup for a skeleton use case, as defined by the template below, include {{subst:Use Case}} in a blank page and then Save the page.

Template:Use Case

Template:Project Description