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This site contains the (new) repository for OPeNDAP software documentation.

1 User Guides

1.1 Getting Started with OPeNDAP Software

An overview of our software

1.2 The User's Guide

A comprehensive guide to sharing data with our software

1.3 Server Side Processing Functions

A listing of functions that Hyrax provides along with their documentation.

2 Software

2.1 Hyrax - Installation and Customization (BES, OLFS, format & response handlers)

The OPeNDAP Data Server, Hyrax, is the latest data server from OPeNDAP. These pages contain documentation that covers server installation and customization.

2.2 libdap++: C++ DAP Implementation Documentation

Libdap is the C++ implementation of the OPeNDAP Data Access Protocol. This pages contains links to the libdap++ reference guide and a usage guide that explains some of the ins and outs of this class library.

===BES Implementation Documentation

The BES (OPeNDAP Back-End Server) is a part of the OPeNDAP 4 Server, known as Hyrax. These pages contain the BES reference guide.

3 White Papers

3.1 Using Virtual Machines to Serve Data

This short guide discusses using a virtual machine and a hypervisor (VMware Server) to serve data. In the guide we cover both serving data with Hyrax running within a VM and also using Hyrax in a workshop where the hypervisor is VMware Workstation. You cannot actually serve data to remote users with Workstation, but it's a great environment in which to learn about the server's different capabilities. In both cases the advantages of using a VM are that the server runs in Linux on the virtual machine while you run the hypervisor under any of its supported operating systems. An additional advantage is that the hypervisor can be used very effectively in the context of an overall security plan.

3.2 Server Dispatch Operations

3.3 Building libdap on Lepoard (OS/X)

4 Housekeeping

4.1 Wiki Testing

4.2 Retired Pages