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This page is a kind of directory for pages that document any development activity we want to write about. These can be ideas we'd like to write down before they get lost, funded projects underway or designs that need to be documented after the fact.

There are a set of MediaWiki templates that simplify writing some kinds of documents such as Use cases.

Completed Projects

For these projects, there are often other palceson the web (this site, and/or others) that have more up-to-date information. This part of our site is designed to be a place where new ideas are tried out and not where finished, polished, work is presented.

ODSIP Development

The ODSIP Project has its own page.

OPULS Development

OPULS development has been moved to its own page.


General Development

Handler engineering information


  • Stamps' Use cases
  • Easton/Fuka Use Cases

Project Ideas

Summer of Code

Project boneyard