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  • Nightly Builds: Software we build every night on several platforms. The link provides the most recent report for each build we do. Use show=current to get the most recent; show=<date> to get a particular date, show=<platform> to see a particular platform. The sort=yes option runs the results through Unix sort before building the table. The nightly build software is part of the nbuilds project and is available from our trac/svn repository.

1 Developer Guidelines and Information

  • Development process information
    • [wiki:TrunkDevelBranchRel Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases].
    • [wiki:ShrewBranchGuide Making a Branch of Shrew for a Server Release]. Releases should be made from a branch so that development can continue on the trunk and so that we can easily go back to the software that mad up a release, fix bugs, and release those fixes.
    • [wiki:ReleaseGuide Making a Source Release]. Once software is ready for distribution, use this checklist to make sure you do all of the steps needed to make a source release.
    • [wiki:LinuxBuildHostConfig How to configure a Linux machine to build Hyrax from SVN]
    • [wiki:RPM Making RPM Distributions]. Follow these steps to create an RPM distribution of the software.
    • ~~[wiki:DMG Making MAC OSX dmg]. Follow these steps to make a .dmg file for a Mac OSX release.~~ Use the following link.
    • Hyrax Package for OS-X. This describes how to make a new OS/X 'metapackage' for Hyrax.
    • [wiki:XP Making Windows XP distributions]. Follow these directions to make Windows XP binaries.
    • [wiki:OLFSReleaseGuide Making a Release of OLFS]. Follow these steps to create the three .jar files needed for the OLFS release. Includes information on how to build the OLFS and how to run the tests.
    • [wiki:ReleaseToolbox Making a Matlab Ocean Toolbox Release]. Follow these steps when a new Matlab GUI version is ready to be released.
  • General development information
    • [wiki:ConfigureCentos How to configure a CentOS machine for production of RPM binaries]
    • [wiki:MergingBranches How to merge code]
    • [wiki:CopyRights How to copyright software written for OPeNDAP]
    • [wiki:GuideLines Development Guidelines]
    • [wiki:SecureEmail How to Setup Secure Email and Sign Software Distributions]
    • [wiki:UserSupport How to Handle Email-list Support Questions]
    • [wiki:NetworkServerSecurity Security Policy and Related Procedures]
    • Software version numbers

2 About Subversion