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The File Out NetCDF module provides the ability to return OPeNDAP DataDDS objects as netcdf files. The module takes an OPeNDAP DataDDS and translates the attrriburtes, data structure, and data into a netcdf file and streams the resulting file back to the caller. Currently, simple types, arrays, structures and grids are supported. Sequences are not yet supported.


The latest release of this module is fileout_netcdf 0.9.0 and can be downloaded off of the File Out NetCDF opendap web page

How to use the module

Once installed, the module is used by adding it to the list of modules to load by the BES. To do this you can simply run the shell script that is included with the installation. This will update your BES configuration file in the appropriate places. There is a configuration option that you can change for this module. The FONc.Tempdir parameter in the BES configuration file tells the module where to store the netcdf files generated by the module until the file is streamed back to the caller. The default value for this parameter is the /tmp directory. You could change this to a location where there is plenty of disk space/quota.

The next time the BES is started it will load this module. And, once installed, the OLFS will know that it can use this module to transform your data. Next to a dataset you will see the list of data products provided for that dataset. This will include a link for File Out Netcdf.

If not using the OLFS to serve your data, for example if using the bescmdln, you would run a command file that would look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<request reqID="some_unique_value" >
    <setContext name="dap_format">dap2</setContext>
    <setContainer name="c" space="catalog">data/nc/</setContainer>
    <define name="d">
	<container name="c" />
    <get type="dods" definition="d" returnAs="netcdf"/>