Debugging the distcheck target

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Here are common issues that can arise when you first run make distcheck

A file or directory does not exist

Symptom: You run the build (e.g., make check) and everything's fine, but make distcheck fails because a file or directory was not present.
Try: In the code, look for places where you used the autotools variable @srcddir@ (or @top_srcdir@ or @abs_srcdir@ or @abs_top_srcdir@) to refer a file or directory that is generated. In a regular build (e.g., make check) that will work fine since the src and build directories are one and the same. With make distcheck, not so much since the build (the generated) files are in a different directory from the source. To fix this, use @builddir@ (or the obvious variant).

An autotest suite fails - it can't find the bes.conf file

Symptom: You run the build (e.g., make check) and the tests are fine, but with make distcheck all of the tests in an autotest test suite fail.
Try: First, cd to mycode-3.14.15/_build/... and run the tests using make check. Since you're reading this, they are probably failing. Look at how the test's script is actually run and run it using verbose mode. Example: ../../../hello_world/tests/hello_handlerTest -v. If it says:

Failed to initialize stand alone app
BES: fatal, cannot open BES configuration file /Users/jimg/src/opendap/hyrax_git/bes/bes-3.19.0/_build/hello_world/tests/bes.conf: No such file or directory.

Then here's how to fix the problem:

An autotest suite fails - it can't find the data


Then here's how to fix the problem:

In the bes.conf file:


# For most handlers, the followin gis required because they read data using
# the BES Catalog abstraction. For this handler it is not needed. However,
# the Data.RootDirectory must be defined, even if it's null.


In the, build the bes.conf file like this, using sed to remove the '../' from the value assigned to BES.Catalog.catalog.RootDirectory. Having ../ in that path triggers a security exception in the BES.

# Build the bes.conf used for testing so that the value substituted for
# @abs_top_srcdir@ does not contain '../'. This happens when using 
# configure's value for the parameter when running the distcheck target.
bes.conf: $(top_srcdir)/
	@clean_abs_top_srcdir=`echo ${abs_top_srcdir} | sed 's/\(.*\)\/\(.[^\/]*\)\/\.\./\1/g'`; \
	sed -e "s%[@]abs_top_srcdir[@]%$$clean_abs_top_srcdir%" \
		-e "s%[@]abs_top_builddir[@]%${abs_top_builddir}%" $< > bes.conf

A directory with generated content is not cleaned

Symptom: The make distcheck target complains that a directory contains files after the various clean operations.
Try: Add the latent files to the DISTCLEANFILES variable of the Use a shell pattern to remove all of the files in a directory when the directory itself should not be removed. For example, DISTCLEANFILES=atconfig cache/*

The build fails because it cannot clean .deps

Symptom: The build make distcheck target is failing and the output log contains a long list of files in a directory named .deps and ends in could not delete .deps.
Try: The problem is that a child uses the AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS subdir-objects and the code references source or object files using ../file.o or ../ This causes the directory to run rm -rf ../.deps .deps and then run rm -rf .deps in the parent. But since the child already removed the parent's .deps directory, make reports an error since the parent's .deps dir no longer exists. The fix is to remove the subdir-objects option. In general, this option should be used only when building a source file in a child directory and you want the resulting object file to be put in the child dir too, and not the CWD.

Efficiently debugging distcheck

An oxymoron you say, and maybe so, but here goes.

For this section, I'm going to use real absolute paths from a real example without trying to abstract them. I used automake 1.16 for this example. Version 1.14 and earlier uses a slightly different value for the build dir tree.

After make distcheck is run once and fails, it is possible to cd into the distcheck build tree and repeatedly run builds, editing things in the source tree. The sources are in a directory like /Users/jimg/src/opendap/hyrax_git/bes/bes-3.20.7. Edit in there. The source tree is extracted from a tar file as write-protected so you need to work around that (e.g., chmod -R u+w . or use emacs and ctrl-X ctrl-Q). Then cd to the build directory to (re)run the Makefile. In this example, the build directory is /Users/jimg/src/opendap/hyrax_git/bes/bes-3.20.7/_build/sub.

If the tests you want to run require editing the build files (,, etc.), follow this pattern:

  • Edit the in the source dir tree rooted at /Users/jimg/src/opendap/hyrax_git/bes/bes-3.20.7
  • Rerun autoreconf at the root of the source tree (sudo autoreconf -fiv). You have to be root.
  • Goto the root of the build tree (cd /Users/jimg/src/opendap/hyrax_git/bes/bes-3.20.7/_build/sub)
  • Run configure from there. Note that you run configure in the root of the build tree, but the configure scrip is actually in the root of the source tree. Here's how you run it: ../../configure --srcdir=../.. --prefix="$dc_install_base" --with-dependencies=... --enable-developer
  • Now run make or whatever.