DAP4: Notes on Constraints

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This page contains various thoughts about DAP4 constraints.


There are two kinds of "projection" implicit in DAP2 constraints.

  1. Range projections such as A[0:2:22] where the result keeps the same rank, but the dimensions sizes are reduced and the result is a subset of the values in the original array, A.
  2. Column projections, which are the traditional relation projections in which a relation (Sequence) has some of its columns (fields) removed. This might convert, for example, Sequence {int32 f1; float32 f2;} to Sequence {int32 f1;} if column/field f1 is projected away.

One oddity (flaw?) in the way DAP2 constraints are constructed is that they completely separate a (column) projection specification from any associated selection constraint. This makes interpretation of the constraint somewhat more difficult and also has the consequence that it is impossible to return two different projection+selection combinations over the same sequence/relation. I think, that we should strongly consider modifying the grammar of constraints to use something much closer to the SQL project-where kind of construct.

Extended Dimensional Selection

With respect to Nathan's proposal for selections, I might note that it does lose dimensional information that might be both useful and performance enhancing. For instance, it might be useful to be able to say something like


and get something back like this:

<Sequence name="sal">
    <Float64 name="sal">
      <Dimension size="23" />
      <Dimension size="10" />
    <Float32 name="lat"/>
    <Float32 name="lon"/>
    <Float32 name="depth"/>