Apple M1 Special Needs

From OPeNDAP Documentation

Computers with the Apple M1 chip require dedicated binaries, or binaries with both Intel and M1 contents. In order to get the hyrax-dependencies to build the following packages need to be installed prior to running the hyrax-dependencies build.


  • brew install bison
  • export PATH="/opt/homebrew/opt/bison/bin:$PATH"


  • brew install openssl
  • export CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/homebrew/Cellar/openssl@3/3.0.1/include"
  • export LDFLAGS="-L/opt/homebrew/Cellar/openssl@3/3.0.1/lib"
  • sudo ln -s /opt/homebrew/Cellar/openssl@3/3.3.0 /usr/local/opt/opensslexport


  • brew install jpg
  • export PATH="/opt/homebrew/opt/jpeg/bin:$PATH"
  • export LDFLAGS="-L/opt/homebrew/opt/jpeg/lib $LDFLAGS"
  • export CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/homebrew/opt/jpeg/include $CPPFLAGS"


This is needed to build the gdal library in the hyrax-dependencies.

Unpack the distribution bundle and build and install the library into /usr/local

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make check
  • make install