OPULS Development

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1 OPULS Process

Design Proposal Process

2 DAP4 Features

This is a straw man design, broken down into sections. It is incomplete and its content is subject to revision.

  1. Versions
  2. Checksum
  3. DAP Service Terminus
  4. Data Model and a XML Schema that provides one representation for the data model.
  5. Requests
  6. Responses
  7. Web Services

3 Proposals

These proposals have been put forth by Dennis:

  1. XML Use in DAP4 New (Modified: 2/25/2012)
  2. Grids Delenda Est Under Consideration
  3. Constraints and Shared Dimensions New, closely related to Grids Delenda Est (New 02/26/2012)
  4. Ideas for the On-The-Wire Format New
  5. Characterization of URL Annotations New (Modified: 2/26/2012)
  6. DAP4 DDX Grammar New
  7. DAP4: DDX Lexical Elements New
  8. Ideas for Defining VLens (and Sequences) New (New 02/25/2012)
  9. Possible Notation for Server Commands New (New 02/26/2012)

4 OPULS references

5 Old DAP4 Design and Implementation

  • DAP3/4
  • DAP 4.0 Design and DAP 4.0 Essential Features The design is meant to be a complete document while essential features are the minimal see we want to release. Since this task has been stalled for nearly a year, doing the latter seems like a noble goal.